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Meet Your Inner Guru

The free GuruGo audio programs available within the app allow you to dip your toe into the water with brainwave entrainment.  

Binaural beats or isochronic tones provide subtle guidance to your brain, gently bringing you into desired mental states, making the verbal prompts more effective than with traditional guided meditation programs.

Choose from a variety of programs in each of our 12 life categories.

Exclusive Programs | Immersive Experiences

Pair the mobile app with the GuruGo brainwave entrainment device for a truly powerful experience.

The audio integrates perfectly with unique blinking patterns contained within the headset goggles, allowing your brain to synchronize to the desired brain state even more quickly and effectively.

All GuruGo device owners have access to exclusive experiences which are meant to accelarate the pace of your personal transformation journey.

Create Your Own Programs (coming soon)

GuruGo's simple-to-use authoring tools allow you to pair our powerful brainwave entrainment music with your own program scripts and voice overs so you can support your clients with a broader range of services in and out of your clinic or wellness center.