How it Works

GuruGo gently guides your brain into desired states.

GuruGo promotes the same frequencies which are naturally produced in the brain

Brainwaves are measured in terms of frequency as measured in hertz (Hz). In daily life, brainwave activity ranges from delta (0.5Hz – 4Hz), during deep sleep, to gamma (40Hz+), during deep focus and concentration — also known as the “flow state”.

In general, people spend most of their time in the beta state (14Hz – 40Hz), which is an active state of arousal. Beta waves are characteristic of a strongly engaged mind. When in conversation, debate, or performing work tasks, the predominant brainwave frequency is beta.

However, while beta waves are absolutely necessary to function, an over-activated mind, which is perpetually in the beta state, can lead to anxiety and stress.

Unlike Tibetan-trained expert meditators who can consciously change their brain state at will, most people aren’t able to flow between different brain states to achieve relaxation and peak performance.

With GuruGo, the synchronized light and sound are aligned with target brainwave frequencies so you can access and connect to areas of the brain that aren't normally attainable while in beta. The synchronized lights and sound are the leader, the brain is the follower.

User Case Studies

Enhance Creative Thinking

This quick, two-minute session was completed during a break at a busy conference with hundreds of participants.

The subject is naturally more "left brained", or a logical thinker, as shown by the locations of the total brain activity (as measured by the Muse neurofeedback device) before and after the session.

Even amidst the commotion, the subject's entire brain lit up with overall higher activity during this short session, and there was greater synergy seen between the right and left hemispheres (as shown by the smaller differences between numbers on the left and right sides of the brain).

The enhanced synergy indicates greater creativity, and more efficient processing between the left and right brains.

Feel More Relaxed

The amazing thing about GuruGo's brainwave entrainment technology is that it can guide your brain into relaxed states even in the most chaotic surroundings.

The level of serenity, as measured and defined by the Muse neurofeedback device, was more than 4X greater during a super quick two-minute session ― even in a busy conference hall. 

Increase Desired Brainwave Activity

Notice that, during this two-minute session, the numbers listed near each quadrant of the brain are much closer together than the numbers listed before the session.

The lower numbers indicate how each quadrant of the brain is working.  The closer the numbers are, the more balanced the brain activity, and the better the subject is able to process information and find solutions. 

All brain states show an improvement in synergy between hemispheres of the brain, with the most noticeable differences in both the theta (deep meditation) and alpha (enhanced learning) states.